Y-Path does not give up.

Our counselors will never stop looking for a solution that is best suited for you. We work with you to figure out ways, innovatively, through which you can work abroad. Y-Path offers a complete roadmap that helps you identify the skills, certifications, mindset and experiences you need in order to become a successful globally mobile professional. The 10 stages: We believe every individual undergoes a journey of personal transformation before they can truly become a global professional. These 10 Stages are the guiding principles of our methodology. Your Y-Path experience is tailored-made, based on stages of personal growth you are presently in.

The 10 Stages of your Y-Path Experience

We believe every individual undergoes a journey of personal transformation before they can truly become an expat. These 10 Stages are the guiding principles of our methodology. Your Y-Path experience is tailored based on which of these stages of personal growth you are presently in.

  • Enlighten
  • Envision
  • Empower
  • Enrich
  • Evolve
  • Express
  • Entitle
  • Embark
  • Exist
  • Expat

Before anything else, enlighten yourself about your own capabilities and potential and what the world has to offer to you.

You Must

  • Get a self-evaluation done.
  • Know your strengths and areas of development.
  • Know your opportunities and threats.
  • Know your options.
  • Know your resources.

ask yourself

  • Who am I ?

  • What can I do ?

  • Where should I go ?

  • How Should I do it ?

You need to envision your future. You need to picture the end-goal. You need to visualize and internalize the journey.

Your mind

  • Your mind
  • Your time
  • Your money and
  • Your effort

ask yourself

  • Am I able to imagine
    myself abroad?

  • With a job that pays well,
    will it make me happy?

  • With a house
    and a car?

  • With new friends from
    around the world?

Empower yourself with a solid foundation: knowledge, experience and wisdom. Make yourself a capital asset that is capable of learning, being adaptable, solving problems & empowering curiosity.

The most essential three es:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Exposure

ask yourself

  • How can I get the THREE Es
    in my formative years?

  • Is there any way I can
    enhance my THREE Es?

Enrich yourself by improving your language and cultural sensitivity ; developing a deeper understanding of your work and pursuing perfection within costs and time constraints.

the keys that open new doors and friendships.

  • Keep upgrading your English, your communication and presentation skills
  • Your cultural sensitivity
  • Fine-tune your Expertise
  • Pursue Excellence

ask yourself

  • Are my communication
    skills mature enough?

  • Am I becoming an expert? Or am
    I stagnating as a generalist?

  • How can I become
    perfect in what I do?

  • How can I become

Keep evolving to the skills you would be best at. Abandon anything or any place that holds you back. Do you want to transform yourself from your current role to a Specialist, Manager or Entrepreneur?

Points to consider :

  • Transform to become a Specialist, Manager & Entrepreneur.
  • Decide on changing your job, role, boss, department, company, city, country.

ask yourself

  • What do you want to

  • What is the change
    you seek?

  • Do you want to transform yourself from your current role of a Specialist, Manager or Entrepreneur to someone else?

Express yourself professionally everyday. Flaunt your skills, your expertise, your feathers. Build your personal brand and become visible to the market.

Action items :

  • Create your resume in traditional and contemporary media formats.
  • Update your profile on social networks.

ask yourself

  • Do I have a resume?

  • How can I make myself?

  • Is my profile on
    LinkedIn updated?

  • How do I look on

  • How can I build a
    personal brand?

Don’t lose the chance to get all that you are legally entitled to – through mere paperwork. It will remain with you for a lifetime and possibly for your future generations too. Apply on time before its too late.

Action item :

  • Get your documentation in order and apply for jobs, Visas, admissions and licenses that you may be eligible for.

ask yourself

  • Am I not doing something as
    simple as filing an application
    when I can?

  • Am I being penny wise and
    pound foolish?

  • When will I become ineligible to apply?

Embark on the journey that you long dreamt of. Wind up, relocate and settle down in your choice of country.

Action items :

  • Build reserves for a job search.
  • Do your homework.
  • Relocate when you are ready.
  • Job search efficiently within your limited resources.
  • Find a house.
  • Relocate family when you settle down.

ask yourself

  • Am I prepared?

  • Have I done my

  • Do I have sufficient funds
    for a job search?

You are now available, accessible, eligible and qualified in the market. When a recruiter or business contacts you, make sure you have all the documents and credentials in place. You exist in their eyes and databases.

Be ready :

  • To market yourself before you are on bench.
  • To take interview calls.
  • To attend meetings in person.

ask yourself

  • Am I available to

  • Can I get to a meeting
    on the same day?

  • Do I have the

  • Do I have the work

  • Do I have the mobility to go in and out of the country?

You went in as a foreigner but don’t remain one forever. Don’t abandon your identity either but adopt a dual mind-set and live best of both the worlds. Assimilate well. Don’t stand out. You are an ambassador of a whole culture and country. Set an example as an Expat.

Action item :

  • Learn the art of living and working in your new adopted homeland.

ask yourself

  • Am I adapting well to my new
    place of work, my neighbourhood
    and country?

  • Have I made new friends?

  • Am I earning and learning?

  • How can I make this better?