About Us

Y-Path was born out of our experience of counseling more than 1 million individuals. All our clients come to us with dreams of working or studying abroad, and want expert guidance so that they find the best route to long term professional success. Y-Path was created to give individuals a comprehensive, transparent roadmap to success. You get an affordable combination of knowledge, expertise and an actionable plan to get closer to realizing your dream of working abroad.

Our Ethical Counseling Promise

We do not sell, we counsel. Y-Path gives you your best options which have the highest chance of success. If we feel an option, even if it is your main preference, has little chance of success, we will not encourage you to pursue that course. Our counseling team personally consults with you and gives you only those options that fit your profile. Your Y-Path report is immediately actionable and only presents solutions and services you need.

Part of Y-Axis Immigration

Y-Path is a part of the Y-Axis Immigration brand. Y-Axis is India's #1 Overseas Career Company
spread across 40+ offices and 4 countries. As a Y-Path customer you also get access to Y-Axis'
comprehensive immigration solutions.

  • #1

    Overseas Career
    Company in India

  • 1999

    Year of founding

  • 250,000+

    Annually Counseled

  • 1000s


  • 1100+


  • 40+


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Y-Axis services include

  • Visas


  • Migration


  • Overseas Job Search


  • Resume Writing