Y-Path saves you time, money and stress; with a personalized &
researched blueprint to studying & working abroad.

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Y-Path has evolved after counseling more than 1 million people since 1999. Our counselors have experience of hundreds of cases and possess a wealth of knowledge in immigration. We help you increase your Exposure, Experience and Education to be able to become eligible and compete for global jobs. Your Y-Path plan is completely actionable and helps you get started right away.

Your Y-Path
report contains

  • Evaluation: Understand your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities with a Profile Evaluation.
  • Score Card: Identify how you measure on Employability, Mobility & Eligibility metrics for various countries.
  • Preferences: Discover your chances of finding a job, getting a visa & settling in your country of choice.
  • Your Best Option: Find out which country is your best option to studying and working abroad.
  • Your Plan of Action: Get the exact steps you need to take to get started; including costs, timelines, visas & more.

Choose Y-Path

  • Ethical

    We do not sell, we counsel. Y-Path's recommendations are unbiased and based on an assessment of your your profile, market realities and your preferences.

  • Accurate

    Our team of counselors comes with years of experience and possesses a wealth of knowledge. We couple their understanding with an awareness of global trends to give you the most accurate assessment and solution.

  • Personalized

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution for working or studying abroad. Your Y-Path report is customized to you and gives you the best option to realize your dream.

  • Actionable

    Your Y-Path report gives you a step by step process to get you closer to working or studying abroad. It gives you a clear picture of the options, processes, documentation, timelines and other details you need to get started.

  • Reliable

    Your Y-Path report has been created through a process fine-tuned after years of counseling experience and success. We help you make a more informed decision for a global career.

Get Your Y-Path Report

  • Counseling Session
  • Profile Analysis
  • Career Objective Analysis
  • Preferred Destination Probability of Success
  • Global Mobility Analysis
  • Employability SWOT Analysis
  • Migration Options
  • Best Options
  • Cost Estimate
Y-Path for Licensed Professionals
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Y-Path for Students & Freshers
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Y-Path for Working Professionals and Job Seeker
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  • I am very happy with the Y-Path report prepared by my career coach. He has given very good options matching my profile. I am very happy with the services at Y-Axis.

    -Amitabh Nag
  • I am very happy with the Y- Path report made for me. The options & suggestions mentioned are very helpful to me. I am interested in availing the services. I will come & meet the consultant in person to discuss about the services.

    -Deepu B.C